Angola Black Granite Worktops

We source our Angola Black direct from the quarries in Angola and hand select the finest quality material available. This allows us to maintain our exceptionally high standards whilst keeping our prices competitive. Like most granites Angola Black comes in different grades and qualities. We only import large slabs of premium quality Angola Black, which are normally 3 meters by 2 meters. This ensures that your kitchen is cut from one large slab or if your kitchen is unusually large and requires 2 or more slabs we will always ensure that these slabs are matching and from the same batch. This ensures that the colour, thickness and quality of the granite is consistent throughout your kitchen. Some unscrupulous supplier will buy Angola Black in pre-cut lengths or blanks, which as mentioned in my previous blog granite worktops cut from large slabs are cut from the small rejected blocks in the quarry. They will then mix and match these to suit your kitchen resulting in variations in thickness, colour, shading and joints in unwanted places. A tell tale sign a company is using pre-cut lengths is they will advertise certain lengths for a fixed price.


If a company is willing to cut corners by using pre-cut lengths of Angola Black I would hate to imagine what else they are willing to do in order to cut corners.  Many companies that use pre-cut lengths also offer a one day service where they cut your granite worktops onsite. As explained in my previous blogs this is probably the worst way you can manufacture granite worktops. However as customers are becoming more aware of cut on site companies, some companies in order to combat this are offering a measuring service. Where they will come out to your house and put a tape measure on your kitchen and then cut your worktops by hand in a shed somewhere.  Again these companies are just as bad as cut onsite companies the only difference being your granite worktops will be cut in a shed somewhere rather than your back garden.


In summary premium grade Angola Black granite worktops done the right way will last a lifetime in your kitchen. They will give you and your family many years of use and will no doubt be the focal point of your kitchen.

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