Baltic Brown granite worktops

These granite worktops perfectly complement traditional kitchens with their rich brown and black colour. The best way to describe Baltic brown is it has a black background base colour with brown patches. The brown within Baltic brown varies from a dark chocolate brown to a light brown in places, which really adds texture and character to the stone.  Baltic brown is mainly quarried from Finland and is shipped to the UK in containers.


Baltic brown granite worktops look amazing with a cream or oak country style kitchen. Like most granite Baltic brown comes in different grades and qualities. We only import premium grade large slabs of Baltic brown direct from Finland. Also due to our long standing relationship with the quarry owners in Finland and our bulk buying power, allows us to demand the highest quality whilst keeping our prices competitive. As mentioned in my previous blogs many granite worktop companies have started importing pre-cut lengths or blanks of Baltic brown from Finland. These pre-cut lengths are essentially the off cuts from the quarry and cost a quarter of the price of a full slab. A tell tale sign that a company is using blanks to produce your granite worktops is they will advertise certain length of worktops for a fixed priced. We will only cut your Baltic Brown granite worktops from large premium grade slabs, which ensures that the colour, thickness and quality will be consistent throughout your kitchen. Also as our large slabs are usually 3 meters by 2 meters this means joints in your kitchen are kept to a minimal.


In summary if you have a traditional kitchen and you are looking for granite worktops that will add character to your kitchen then Baltic Brown is the perfect choice.  However which ever company you are looking to purchase from I would always recommend asking for a sample of Baltic Brown off the slab to ensure it meets your requirements. We normally post out samples to our customers as we are a nationwide company and not all customers are able to come to the factory to view the slabs. We can also email high definitions images of the granite slabs.

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